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Who is Metropolitan Community Church? Since its founding in 1968, Metropolitan Community Churches have been at the vanguard of civil and human rights movements as an international advocate for vulnerable people in places where religious orthodoxy, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia can result in violence and death. MCC’s ministry reaches over 43,000 members in almost 300

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Homosexuality and the Bible
LGBTQ Christian

Homosexuality and the Bible

Homosexuality and the Bible Below is a compilation of some of the best resources on the Bible and Homosexuality for people who are asking these questions for the first time, or revisiting the issue. It starts with the most user-friendly and accessible, including items you can watch or read online, and works up to more

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Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church
History of MCC Chuches

Resurrection MCC History

Resurrection MCC History The seeds for MCC ministry in Houston were planted in the winter of 1971-1972. These seeds took root in December of 1972, when meetings were started on a regular basis in a rented apartment in Preston Villa. On the second Sunday of February in 1974, the MCC group moved to a former

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