Give Online or by Text Message

To give by text message, simply text the word GIVE to 281-346-9444. You’ll receive a link and only need to enter your payment card details the first time you give. The next time you’d like to make an offering, simply enter the amount and hit send! If you’d like to make a donation to a particular fund, text the words GIVE LIST to 281-346-9444. You’ll receive a list of funds available to make a contribution .

To set up online giving, enter your email address or phone number to create an account. You’ll then be able to set up recurring giving, modify your existing giving, give to designated funds  and access historical giving statements. If you’d like to make a one-time gift, simply click on any of the “Give Now” buttons below.

Annual Estimate of Giving

Thank you for considering your financial commitments to the ministries of Resurrection MCC as we have each been blessed by God to be a blessing to others.

Online Giving FAQs

What is online giving?
Online giving is a payment option that enables you to financially support Resurrection MCC through automated electronic payments directly from your checking account, savings account, or by charging your credit card or debit card.

Why should I give online?
Online giving is a safe and convenient payment option that benefits both you and the church. If you are looking for a simpler way to assure your giving, online giving is the perfect solution for you!

What are some of the advantages of giving online?
Online giving simplifies your contributions by decreasing the number of checks you write to the church. No more last minute check writing as you are running out the door to attend worship service. It makes it easy to fulfill your stewardship commitments, even when you are unable to attend church. This payment option helps the church by ensuring consistent donations throughout the year. Online giving also helps the church save money and plan its budget.

What does it cost to participate in online giving?
There is no cost to participate! All you need to do is to set up an online giving account.

How do I make online payments?
This guide will walk you through the process. Online Giving Guide

Is online giving really safe?
Yes, it is! Online giving is safer than checks (which are safer than cash). Paper checks include names, addresses, and account numbers. Online giving contains far less data. Also, online giving ensures that your financial information is more secure (i.e., there is no need for you to share your confidential bank account or credit card information with any person; you enter it yourself online and maintain total control).

When will my online payment be deducted from my bank account or charged to my credit card?
Your electronic contribution will be deducted from your account or charged to your credit card on the date(s) you specify during the online giving set up process.

Which forms of payment are acceptable for online giving?
VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover may be designated if you wish to pay using a credit card. In addition, any checking account number or savings account number may be provided.

Do I need to enter an email address to receive a login link each time I want to make an online payment?
Yes, once you register, a login link serves as a password whenever you want to make an online contribution. Establishing a recurring gift reduces this step.

What if I need to change my bank account or credit card information?
This Guide will walk you through updating bank account and credit card information. Guide For Updating Bank/Credit Card Info

How do I keep a record of the amounts that I have contributed online?
Your bank account and credit card statements will provide you with an itemized list of electronic transactions. However, with just the click of a button, you can print a summary of your giving history whenever you like. If you made a pledge, you can print your pledge summary whenever you like.

Will I still be able to give to special offerings?
Yes, we encourage your participation in special offerings, which are listed on our website.

Can I view my past giving history online?
Yes. Once you have set up a profile, you can then access and print your giving history, as well as make other changes to your online giving profile.

May I give online if I am not a member of the church and only attend occasionally?
Yes, All you need to do is to set up an online giving account.

What if I need to cancel my recurring giving?
You can suspend or cancel your online giving authorization at any time. Simply log into your profile, select Recurring Giving to delete/end date your recurring schedule to cancel your recurring contribution. How To Edit Recurring Gift Online

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
For additional information or help setting up your giving account, please contact

First Fruits Team

The mission of the Resurrection MCC First Fruits Team is to align ourselves with the will of God as we help our church family to be truly free, to trust God, and with a foundation of gratitude, to create a congregational culture of faith centered generosity. Our 2017 goals include equipping our congregation with information on both being free of debt and managing wealth. Generosity does not happen by accident or by luck. But with intention and prioritization, we can practice abundance. We will invite our congregation to expand understanding proportional giving and being clear enough to make a goal with an Estimate of Giving opportunity. by completing and submitting and Estimate of Giving card or filling out our online commitment card.

Food and Clothes Donations

Resurrection MCC is a proud partner of Pride Charities in the operation of the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet located in our Activities Building.


Food donations are accepted every Sunday in the Food Pantry Shopping Cart located in the Welcome Area. A shopping list of the nonperishable items most in need may be downloaded here.

If you would prefer that Pride Charities shop for you, you may make a donation online.


Donations of new and gently used clothing are accepted outside of Activities Building Room #110. We do not have a laundry facility on site, so please be sure that clothes are washed and clean.

Grocery Rewards and Amazon Smile

The next time you check out at Kroger, consider adding Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church (NPO #81175) to your Kroger Plus Card. You may also sign up online for Kroger Community Awards

Search for Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church on  Amazon Smile to participate in the Amazon Smile program, and have a portion of your purchases donated to the church.

Every time you shop, a portion of your sale will be contributed to Resurrection MCC. Thank you for supporting our shared ministries!

Legacy and Planned Giving

We Need Your Help to Keep the MCC Legacy Alive and Well

If you are an LGBTQ Christian or have an LGBTQ Christian loved one, you’ll want your assets to go where YOU want them to go, not where the state directs.

What’s At Stake?

  • Your same-sex partnership may not legally be recognized in many states.
  • Your same-sex partnership may not legally be recognized by the federal government.
  • States typically allocate assets first to different-sex spouses, then to parents and siblings.
  • Same-sex partners and their biological children / grandchildren often have no legal standing.

“One does not plant a tree for self. The planting is for posterity”

Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church has planted seeds for justice and inclusion of all God’s people. The church grows stronger with each and every member and friend — and your planned giving contribution can help secure Resurrection’s future.

How Can You Help?

  • Leave Resurrection MCC a bequest.
  • Name Resurrection MCC as the full or partial beneficiary of any life insurance policy you own.
  • Leave a percentage of a retirement account to Resurrection MCC.

By providing for Resurrection MCC in your estate planning, your generosity funds the church’s programs, support and advocacy efforts.

Remember Resurrection MCC in Your Will or Living Trust

Here are a few ways you can remember Resurrection MCC in your will or living trust
(The legal language to give to your attorney or financial advisor is in quotes below)

Percentage Bequest

A Percentage Bequest sets aside a fixed portion of your estate for Resurrection MCC

“I give and bequeath to Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church located at 2025 W 11th St, Houston, Texas, ___% of my estate, both real and personal property of whatever kind and wheresoever situated, to be used for its general purposes.”

Residuary Bequest

After other bequests have been made, a Residuary Bequest grants the remainder or a portion of the remainder of your estate to Resurrection MCC .

“I give and bequeath to Resurrection MCC located at 2025 W 11th St, Houston, Texas, all (or ___%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, to be used for its general purposes.”

Specific Bequest

A Specific Bequest gives Resurrection MCC a stated dollar amount or security.

“I give and bequeath to Resurrection MCC located at 2025 W 11th St, Houston, Texas, the sum of $_________ (or describe the specific securities or property) to be used for its general purposes.”

Contingent Bequest

In case one or more of your bequests cannot be fulfilled, a Contingent Bequest would benefit Resurrection MCC.

“If any of the above named beneficiaries should pre-decease me, I hereby bequeath his or her share to Resurrection MCC located at 2025 W 11th St, Houston, Texas, to be used for its general purposes.”

Help ensure that Resurrection MCC’s message of God’s unconditional love for all people can continue into the future by including Resurrection MCC in your estate planning.

If you have any questions, or would like to begin planning today, please contact

Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving


You may be able to double your financial gifts to Resurrection MCC! Many companies match the donations given by their employees to approved non-profit organizations. Contact the Human Resources department at your company to see if a matching gift program is available.


Many companies provide opportunities for their employees to donate to non-profit organizations through a workplace giving program. Contact your Human Resources department to find out how you and donate through a payroll deduction to Resurrection MCC. It’s a convenient way to support Resurrection MCC on a regular basis.

Memorials and Honorariums

Make a gift in memory of those who have been lost or in celebration for those who live on. Honor your friend of loved one with a gift to Resurrection MCC. Your generosity will provide support for the ministries that bring life to the communities served both inside and beyond our walls. We will notify the individual you designate of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

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